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We source our fabric from all over the country. Some brands include Robert Allen, Fabricut, Schumacher, and many more.

A quality drape will always come with returns. A return is when the drapes turn the corner at the outside ends of your drapes, and attaches to your wall. Returns give your drapes that beautiful, finished, tailored look. Our returns come standard at 3 1/2”. If you need a specialized size please contact us or add it to the special instructions on your order.

The overlap is the inside edge of your drapes. This will always come as 1 1/2”

Our fullness is set at 1.8 times full for drapes and 2.5 times full for sheers.
1.8 times full means that there is almost twice as much fabric as the area being covered. Therefore, a 100" space would be covered by 180" of fabric. This rule applies to our 2 pleat styles -  Two Finger Top Pleat and Soft Tuck Pleat.  (Grommet drapes are a little bit different, see below) So when you take 180" worth of fabric and cover 100" worth of space,  that extra 80" is made so that there is enough fabric to add the pleats so that the drapes equal the 100" space you are wanting to cover. 
If you order an OPERABLE drape, which will close all the way across your window and rod, your drape will be 1.8 times full and will fit perfectly on your rod due to the "rod width" you give us. Depending on your rod width, you might have 2 widths of fabric minimum or possibly up to 8 widths of fabric.  Each width of fabric, once pleated will have approximately 7 or 8 pleats which means that you will need 7 or 8 rings per width.  We will tell you how many rings you will need for your drapes once you enter in your rod width measurement.  (Watch our how to measure for drapes video for more explanation.)
If you order a STATIONARY drape, which are just for looks, your fullness will also be 1.8 times full.  The amount of widths you will receive will depend on the rod width you tell us.  Basically, we have already figured this out for you.  We know that you don't want your stationary drapes to look wimpy, thin, and cheap; we don't want that either!  We want your stationary drapes to look nice and full and in proportion to your window.  If you have a small window, you really only need 2 widths of fabric for the pair.  If you have a larger window, 3 widths of fabric for the pair looks great. If by some chance you need to request a specific amount of widths, we can accommodate that for you.  Just specify in the special instructions as to what you need. Price will be subject to change.  
Now let's talk about GROMMET style drapes.  Grommet style drapes are made with a little less fullness than regular pleated drapes.  Grommet drapes are a more casual / masculine look and therefore, less fabric is needed to achieve this simplistic look.  The fullness you will receive with a grommet drape is approximately 1.6 times full.  
SHEERS are made to be 2.5 times full.  Because sheers are so thin, we make them with more fullness (or fabric) so that they don't look wimpy.  

Pin setting:
Our pins are set standard at 1/4”, but if you need them to be higher or lower you can always readjust them. Just make sure you hook them into the buckram and not just the fabric (or the fabric can tear).

The hem of your drapes will always be 4” at the bottom.

Buckram heading is a strip of white or translucent stiffener that helps add a more defined shape to a drapery header. Buckram hides between layers of fabric and lining to create a sturdier header. It is standard at 4”. The buckram will be noticeable on sheer fabrics.

Whether you selected privacy lining or blackout lining, the material is white. Blackout lining is white on each side of the material.

Color Blocking:
If you decide to do a color block on your drapes, it will always hit at 42” from the bottom of your drapes.

Edge Banding:
Edge bandings are going to be always on the overlap edge of your drapes and right on the edge of your drapes. (We do not have inset edge banding at this time).



General Info:
Our roman shades waterfalls off the front of the headrail. The controls are hidden behind the shade, and are then covered with a back valance made from a premium rain repellent lining.

Our wood headrails are wrapped in matching fabric and is 2 1/2” in depth and 3/4” in height.

Returns are standard on ALL SHADES. They are 2 1/2” in depth x 6” in height. They are made in the shade material selected.

Whether you selected privacy lining or blackout lining, the material is white. Blackout lining is white on each side of the material.
We also provide a pin hole free construction on blackout shades at no extra charge. That way you will not see any pin holes which show light through your shades. We are not responsible for light seeping through the side edges.

We will automatically deduct 1/2” from the width for clearance on ALL ROMAN SHADES ordered as Inside Mount.

Relaxed Style Roman:
Relaxed Romans tend to curve noticeably at the bottom. The “height” of a Relaxed Roman is the short point of the “smile.”

Edge Banding:
You have the option to have your edge banding on just the sides of your roman, on the bottom, or both. By default they will sit on the edge. (We do not have inset edge banding at this time)

Cordless ONE Controls®:
Horizons Cordless ONE Controls® are a patented (U.S. Patent #8,505,607 B2) lift system which completely eliminates pull cords. Cordless ONE Controls® are a no charge option. It adds approximately 2-1/2” to the stacking dimension.

Stacking Dimension:

Support Rods:
All Classic and Knife Pleat Roman Shades are constructed with support rods that are hidden between the face fabric and the lining at no additional charge. Support rods provide stability and crisp, neat folds.

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